A Pocket Notebook is a Handy Promotional Item

A pocket notebook not only increases your visibility, but also offers an excellent way to create brand awareness. It acts as an excellent marketing tool and can be used quite effectively for exhibiting and promoting your company name or logo. It can make a favourable impact on many of your clients and customers and also offers a great market set up for your business. It is stylishly designed and really suitable for your business identity development.

It can be personalised to help you meet your organisation’s requirement and fulfill your customer’s needs. This item will help you to retain your customers and discover a new market for your brand and also to compete quite successfully with many of your other counterparts.


1. A pocket notebook is a very high quality item, with sturdy cover, nice little elastic binding strap and a pocket at the back for loose bits of paper. It is ideal for embossing with your company name or logo and makes a wonderful gift for your friends, clients or work colleagues. It is quite useful and helps you to leave a great impression on your targeted customers.

2. It is quite robust and well made, with an excellent quality paper. You can also use it as a useful gift item to cherish your special guests. It is also ideal for your personal use and provides a great way of maximising your marketing budget. With a full cover embossed logo it will allow you a great reach and exposure.

3. A pocket notebook looks really elegant and smart, with a subtle design of fine lines etched onto its surface and has separate sections for names, addresses and telephone numbers. You can use it to write down appointment dates or time, for recording important information, regarding any upcoming events, meetings, conferences or seminars.

4. It also comes with beautiful covers, colourful designs and a fabric bookmark. You can hand it out to your special guests, employees or clients as takeaways. It is quite a useful compendium for writing down notes and information, while traveling.

5. It has top quality paper and all sorts of pen work really well o