Craigslist Search Problems That Users Face

Have you ever used to find a job, buy a house, rent an apartment, or buy a used item? If not, you may be unaware of the search problems users face. Although Craigslist has many good deals, these good deals can sometimes be hard to find. Why and is there a solution

Users are unable to search more than one city page at a time. As previously stated, Craigslist is a great concept. It is designed to connect local buyers and sellers, homeowners and home buyers, job seekers with job employers, and so forth. Unfortunately, the website is city and state based. This would be a great concept if you could still search the entire website, but you can’t. If you want to travel for a new job, a good deal, or are looking to buy a new home and relocate, you want to expand your search. You can, but it will be difficult, as you must perform separate searches on each location page.

After performing a Craigslist search, users receive a search results page. Unfortunately, this page is not editable. That means what appears on the page will stay there. This may pose a problem. If searching for a John Deere 322, you may get other models mixed in with your results, but you don’t want other models. Still, you are forced to keep seeing the listing headline.