Do you want to download music from the movies?

You can download music from the movies including trailer,Guest Posting soundtracks, theme songs, background music and more. Think about it, some of the biggest hits in the past couple of years came from the movies.

Remember the entire soundtrack to “When Harry Met Sally”? Or How about that two most famous soundtracks that just can’t get out of your head… you know—“Titanic” with Celine Dion and “The Bodyguard” with Whitney Houston. I still know the words to every single song and was so happy when I found out that I could download music from these movies and more online.

I usually try to download music from the movies at the online sites with the largest music catalogs. It’s actually not that hard since a lot of the recent hit movie sountracks were also hit pop music soundtracks.

Even country music got into the act with the release of “O Brother Where Art Thou”, a remake of Homer’s “Odyssey” starring George Clooney and John Tuturro. The soundtrack was awesome. You had great country stars like Emmy Lou Harris and Alison Krause on it as well as some uptempo pop music stuff.