Health Insurance and You

When you were born, it is a distant possibility that your parents immediately informed the company’s insurance provider to include your name in their policy. But there is a good possibility that you will do so for your child. Health insurance in India was a nonexistent industry till about 20 years ago but health insurance today has become a necessity and will be more so tomorrow.

Even if you weren’t insured since your childhood, you found that your parents did

not have any problem paying for your family’s medical expenses. Health services at that time were highly subsidized by the government, but today health services are entirely in the private domain which makes them highly expensive. Today, health services are beyond the means of most of us. So what we all need is adequate health cover that will buffer us against exorbitant medical expenses.

This article will look into, health needs at various stages of life and health insurance plans for all of these:

Infancy, Childhood: Everyone assumes that kids are the healthiest and hence do not require any health insurance. But it is also true that kids are very sensitive and thus require more extensive treatment if they fall sick. Malaria, jaundice, viral flu, dysentery are all the diseases that are commonly found in children and simple hospitalization for these could also be expensive.

You can’t buy a policy for a child when he is very young, though there are companies that have entry age of 5. But you can add your child since the day is born or after 90 days of his birth in your policy if you are covered under Group health Insurance by your company. Another option is covering them in a Family floater, some companies accept children more than 3 months of age and others accept only after 5 years.

When you cover your kids at an earlier age, they will not have to worry at a later stage about the pre-existing diseases and the waiting period, even the ‘no-claim discounts’ will be available which will reduce the overall premium rate.