How To Fly For Free – Why Collecting Air Miles Is So Worth It

r fares. This increase in air fares is a huge burden to all travelers alike. A flight overseas across the Pacific can cost up to $2000 or more, for just economy class! Therefore it is a very wise idea to shop carefully when looking for airplane tickets. By keeping your eyes open, you can find great deals on flights. Even better, when combined with collecting points through an air miles program, you can accumulate mass amounts of points to eventually redeem a free airplane ticket! Essentially this is one of the most common ways on how to fly for free. Here are some benefits into joining an air miles program, also known as a frequent flyer program.

Benefit #1: Air Mile Points Can Be Collected Anywhere

Most frequent flyer programs are in partnerships with supermarkets, gas stations, and food outlets. Therefore the common places you will go spend for everyday use items, such as buying milk and bread from the supermarket, pumping gas at the petrol kiosks, and eating out at your favorite chain restaurants, all give you a chance to accumulate air miles points based on the amount you spend there. Therefore it is an added bonus to your everyday expenditures. As long as you are consistently accumulating frequent flyer points whenever and wherever you can, eventually you will accumulate enough for a free air ticket.

Benefit #2: Most Frequent Flyer Programs Are Affiliated