Internet Job Search Secrets – Research Your Network

The Internet has replaced the personal telephone directory as our source of information about the people in our lives. And it works much better as a way of keeping up with them.

Your network is your most valuable asset when you are looking for a new job or other business opportunity. Year after year approximately 80% of all jobs are filled through networking. Yes, I said 80% — that leaves only 20% of the jobs are filled by all the other ways in which people can look for a job. So, finding, reconnecting with and nurturing you network is probably the most effective thing you can do as part of a job search.

So, let’s look at Internet tools in that order. First, finding: the Internet is a great way to find people you have lost track of, people you used to work with, etc. It’s also a great place to find out what they have been up to since you last spoke with them. You can do this using search engines and social networking sites. The search engines (like Google or Yahoo) and social networking sites (like LinkedIn, Facebook, or MySpace). The search engines will pick them up if they have been mentioned in the press or have any activity on the Internet. If they have a profile on one of the social networking sites, and you have one too, you can add each other to your network list. It’s called a variety of names by different sites but it still amounts to an online listing of your

Second, reconnecting with your network: email is much easier than a phone call and gives your friends a heads up about what you want to talk to them about. If you use email, you also have an opportunity edit and re-edit what you want to say. Always follow up with a phone call. While neither the Internet nor the phone replace face-to-face communications they can definitely go a long way to enhance its effectiveness.

Finally, nurturing your network. Again, face-to-face is always best but occasional email updates about your job search keep you and your goal on the radar of your network without intruding into their busy lives to