My Very First Job In Corporate America – Hard Lessons Learned

my HS work-study program.

I attended a business preparatory HS that prepared students for the ‘real world’ of business. They offered classes such as word processing, typing, and stenography (just to name a few). These courses were to help students gain new skills to apply for a secretarial/office career in Corporate America.

I had an early morning typing class every day that started at 8:30am. It was a class I selected as my major. Every day I would show up 30 minutes late. I didn’t care for the class much. Never thought I really needed it. I preferred to sleep in and get to class when I was good and ready.

Well, when it was time to be a part of the work-study program, the school found me a job and arranged for me to start working at the Palmer House the following week. The position was for a Typist. I was excited about my first new job.

I arrived my first day at work feeling very nervous. The head secretary showed me where I would be sitting. She than handed me a hand written letter and said, “We need you to type up the letter.” My heart skipped a beat.

I sat in a chair with a big old typewriter in front of me. It was the kind of typewriter where the big metal keys hit the typebar and hit a ribbon.

I nervously started typing. Ten seconds into the typing, I yank the sheet of typing paper out of the type writer, balled it up and threw it into the trash. Same cycle continued for 15 minutes. Mista