Several Trends In Mobile: 2nd Half 2013

Half a year is behind, and the other one promises to deliver a lot of events in the mobile world. Fall is expected to reveal and bring new mobile device releases, new platform versions, and new trends in mobile development. But what do we currently have as working trends? What will be the biggest influences on mobile software and mobile users during the second half of 2013? Let’s look through several. Some of them have been occupying their steady position for a period of time, while some are relatively young and so far cannot get rid of their ‘niche’ reputation.

Advancements in PhoneGap development will leverage the cross-platform
Native development is strong and unconquerable for certain spheres of apps. But at the moment PhoneGap pushes the bounds of cross-platform solutions. Depending on the software project, it can become the perfect framework for its implementation. If an app needs a unique UI, contains audio, video and image content, and leaves heavy computing to the server side, PhoneGap is the tool of choice, which brings the project across platforms. At the same time branded applications, online shops, mass media, presentations, forums and blogs are in bloom – and exactly these types of apps make the optimal field of use for PhoneGap.

iOS will remain synonymous to ‘the most profitable’
Android might be none the worse as a platform, Android might surpass iOS in numbers in the worldwide market share; the number of apps for Android almost catches up with Apple’s App Store. But there is one thing that’s still the same and will be – the unwritten rule ‘iOS first’ will continue reigning for a while – and that can be a long while. App revenues, gained by iOS development, are the biggest on the mobile market; iUsers are usually more engaged and open to purchasing. Apple isn’t likely to lose the leading monetization position, biding time until the upcoming, highly anticipated releases of this fall. One of them, iOS 7, makes another trend that we’ll outline.

Flat design has drawn much attention
After the introduction at WWDC 2013 and the release of a beta version to