The Sims 3 Game – Now With More Polished Customizations

The Sims 3 is a life simulation Game created by Maxis. The Sim Series itself is a huge hit Game and became popular among most of the Gamers. Before the release of Game for Consoles, it was released in mobile version with limited options to avail.

Create a Sim that perfectly matches your traits and simulate your own life with the characters around you. Built on the same concept of the past Games, Sims 3 has some new additions to the level of customization of Sims, ability to control, explicit expression for Emotions and more to explore. There will be a new concept called ‘Wishes’ which replaces the previous reward system. The wish contributes the mood meter of the Sim. Simple actions such as sitting in a comfortable chair, sleeping in the luxurious bed and even the emotional events will be neatly expressed.

The Sims 3 Game has added more abilities such as Social Interactions, Painting Writing which can be increased to get a Reward. Unlike other Games, you can build your career path lots of other options such as working for Part-Time, doing Overtime jobs and asking for Raise to the Boss to whom you will daily report to. The Sim should develop a friendly relationship with all the Co-Workers and the Boss to get rewarded.

Your creativity can also be presented to the Online Community with options to Download others work. Sims possession such as Car, Furniture, and Costumes can be customized. Decide what your Sim want to be like a ‘Rock Star’ ‘A Thief’ or even a ‘Leader’.