What Are Second Mortgage Loans

A second mortgage may come in handy and help you out of a jam when you are strapped for cash. A second mortgage as the name suggests is a second loan taken on another property. It means that the property that the loan is taken against already has a mortgage on it. So how does a second mortgage work? Is there any advantage to taking out a second mortgage? These are the question that we will answer in this article. We will try to understand the concept of second mortgage loans and what you should consider before you decide to ta


When a person has already taken out a loan on a property and he takes out another mortgage against the same property then the new loan is called the second mortgage loan. The second mortgage loan is subordinate to the first mortgage. This means that if something happens and you are no longer able to pay your mortgages then after foreclosure the first mortgage would be given priority, once that has been paid off then the money left over is used to pay the second loan. This is why second mortgages are considered to be more risky by lenders. If you stop making payments for the second mortgage the lender of the second loan has the right to foreclose even if you continue to pay the first mortgage. If you stop paying your first loan and the lender for your first mortgage forecloses then your second mortgage will be cleared of from any money that is left over. A second mortgage is usually taken out on the amount of equity you have on your house. To better understand what this means lets take a look at an example. Suppose that your home is evaluated to be $75 thousand and you take out a first mortgage loan against this property. You then start paying this mortgage off a few years later you find your self in the need for more money. By this time you have already started paying off your first loan and the balance left on it is $60 thousand. This means that you have paid $15 thousand and thus own that much of the house. This fifteen thousand is considered as your equity. You can take out a second loan on this amount. Another situation