Why Silver Makes a More Attractive Investment Than Gold

Simply because silver should outperform gold percentage wise.

All of the factors that will push gold up will push silver up as well. The main differences are that the historical ratio of gold to silver has been around 1 oz of gold for every 16 ounces of silver whenever silver and gold were monetized. Silver should meet again with gold at 16:1 in the near future, but with industrial demand for silver being much bigger than it was ever was and still rising and the industrial demand for gold staying about the same, we should see an even lower ratio favoring silver. Many of the advantages of investing in gold apply equally to silver, but not the other way around.











Remember this: 50-60 years ago, there was about 10 billion ounces of silver available. And the world mining production was 200 million. The world had about 1 billion ounces of gold. So the above ground supplies of silver and gold were 10:1.

In the time since then the world has used up most of that above ground supply of silver, and now we have less than 1 billion ounces left.

The gold supply however has grown from 1 billion to 5-6 billion ounces since then (we don’t consume as much gold as we do with silver, and much of the gold we do consume we recycle). What used to be a 10:1 ratio between above ground supplies of silver and gold is now a 1:4 ratio and this may push silver close and closer to the price of gold, with the possibility of silver being valued more than gold in this next decade. Remember, there is still more silver to be mined below ground than there is gold – the above numbers are only for above ground supply. Nevertheless, things have really changed but the market has not adjusted for it accordingly.You want to be situated correctly when the market DOES adjust. Buy physical silver!

All of the other factors pushing up gold will also push up silver. This includes inflation, uncertainty in the middle east, fears about Greece and other European nations default, mass awakening to the truth about fiat currency, major countries moving away from the U.S. dollar as the reserve currency, China and India promoting silver and gold investment to the public, people in America wanting to return to constitutional money – gold and silver, and many other factors.