Writing and Selling a Children’s Graphic Novel – Writer – The 10 Most Common Questions

believe that graphic novels, which are essentially comics printed in book form, are all for children. Fortunately most people are more enlightened these days and realize that graphic novels are, in fact, written for just as many audiences and types of readers as traditional books.


The confusion arises because “graphic novel” has been used to describe just about every type of book featuring comics, other than manga (Japanes comics). Unlike other sections of the bookstore, such as “Mystery,” “Science Fiction,” or “Romance,” “Graphic Novels” is not the name of a genre, but a category. Like “Audio Books,” which can also encompass a multitude of genres, “Graphic Novels” are not just one type of book. In other words, until recently every type of graphic novel has simply been stacked together in one section regardless of content.

The good news is that the Children’s Graphic Novel is the first genre to break free from the generic Graphic Novel section. A wise move on many levels, especially because bookstores need to be sensitive to customers needs-particularly parents who don’t wish to inadvertently purchase inappropriate material for their kids.

So as a new section is carved out of the always-crowded bookstore shelves, astute publishers recognize the need for material to fill this new demand. And that’s when ambitious writers start sniffing around to see if they can get in on this new craze. But what do they really need to know if they hope to actually sell a Children’s Graphic Novel to a publisher? Let’s take a look at, and answer, some of the most commonly asked questions…

1) Do I need to be an artist?

No, but it doesn’t hurt if you are, and your proposal should include either the entire finished Children’s Graphic Novel or a sizeable sample. If you’re not an artist, then you will need to find one. Comics are obviously a vis